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There are some really simple tips that can maximize your query’s impact. Once you’ve got the basics–word count, genre, hook, mini synopsis (with a hint of intrigue), and your delightful author bio–what can you do to rise above the crowd?

  1. Personalize your email and know something about the agent you’re querying. Include a personal salutation. Have you read one of their client’s books? How did you find them? Do you follow their blog or like something they tweeted?
  2. Research and be selective in your querying to agents. Only query agents who represent work in your genre. It’s a waste of everyone’s time for you to submit too broadly. Agents know when you’re grasping at straws.
  3. Keep your query to ONE email screen. We might not want to scroll to learn more if you haven’t hooked us from the start. One email page means we can scan and find everything we…

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Agent Query Connect Website

Finished novel. Yes.

Researched how to write a query letter. Done.

Wrote Query Letter (and rewrote and rewrote) Been there. Sent to Agent of my dreams and received a form letter response. (Dear Author, some intern has decided that your work does not meet the specific criteria we are seeking. This is a subjective business….bottom line. We are not interested. )

Sent to Agent suggested by friend. Dear Tina…your project is not what I am seeking. (Smiling from ear to ear at an actual response from someone who read my query.)

Now what? Putting on the big girl granny panties and reworking my letter again. I found a great website, not really romance related and iffy on being romance friendly, called and signed up for some free peer to peer critique. I have only been on the site a couple of days, but it has been a great resource. Lots of actual samples, from real authors, and if you are like me, you can do some searching to find where their query started and then see the finished, polished work that landed them an agent.

I am taking the information I learned, the helpful feedback and working up a new letter. For me, one of the hardest things to determine is whether it is my story that turns and agent off or is it the level of writing on the query. Do they just not get it? Beta readers love it, total strangers ask to read more, but Agents pass. I may be worrying too soon, after all, four rejections is not all that many when I have talked to people who get that many every day.


We shall see. But for now, if you are where I am at, I would suggest checking this site out. And if your there, look me up and say hi.

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