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My Query Part 1

I wonder how many parts there are going to be. I am always open to advice and feedback so if you see something that doesn’t work or that you like, don’t hesitate to say so.


Dear Wonderful Being Who Knows Many Editors Eager For a Good Read

I am seeking representation for my novel Phoenix Rising, a 96,000 word paranormal romance.

Lily Steel is a small town reporter on the story of the century; what is Hollywood’s hottest man alive, Jack Reardon, doing in the middle of the Oregon woods. Why is he able to step into a ring of flames and come out unscathed?

Jack is a member of a race called the Phoenix, born 400yrs ago, in the middle of a violent war between the Phoenix and Basilisk. He has come to tiny Brookstone, Oregon to set up a meeting with Basilisk leader Gerard Adams and start peace negotiations, not realizing the peace he seeks is following him.

Someone has a learned a secret about Lily Steel, she is a descendant of a group of psychic human woman, called the Council and the key to bringing peace to the Phoenix and Basilisk. Jack Reardon is determined to discover the mystery behind who brought Lily to his attention and to fight the attraction flashing between then. Lily puts her faith in Jack, and finds herself caught up in a world of mythical men and secret societies who all want her. Fighting to stop a prophetic vision, where she sees her own death, Lily joins forces with Jack and Gerard to learn her destiny.

I am a member of RWA and the FF&P Chapter of RWA.  Phoenix Rising is the first in a series of books following the Phoenix and Basilisk as they search for peace.


Me, Author Wanting to See Her Name On the Cover of a Sparkly New Book in a Store and the Hands of Readers.


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