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Query Letter Part 3

So here we go…round 3 on the query letter go round and round and round….

Thanks to the wonderful people who have helped me get it this far and hopefully I can tighten it up some more. We shall see.

Dear Amazing Person with the Fate of my Book in your Clever Hands


Jack Reardon a member of an ancient race able to control fire he is caught in the center of warring tribes. In a tiny town in Oregon, he hopes to find the path to peace, only it arrives in a way he never expects.

Lily’s Steel choice to follow Jack Reardon into the Oregon woods, witnessing his transformation in a ring of fire, changes her life. She has a prophetic dream of his future. One in which she gives her life to save his and bring him closer to the peace he needs to save his race.

The discovery of a group of humans, kidnapping and murdering Phoenix and making it appear to be acts of the Phoenix enemy the Basilisk propels Jack and Lilly into a race to find the location where the testing is taking place. The journey to save his people, brings them closer to making Lily’s prophecy come true. When they make their final stand, Jack must convince Lily he can change her fate without the lives of his tribe being the price he pays for saving her.

Phoenix Rising is a 98,000 word paranormal romance, the first in a series.

Thank you for your time.


Me, Struggling Writer with Chocolate Habit that must be Fed.

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