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Query #4

So I entered the Suzie Townsend challenge “I can handle the truth”. She offered to respond to every query with why she was passing. Pretty much she said, not a bad query, just not a project for her. Yay! Thinking I will stick a bit with this query.


Dear Amazing Agent of My Dreams,

Finding Hollywoods sexiest man alive, Jack Reardon, stepping naked from a ring of flames in the middle of the woods might sound like the story of a life time for small town reporter Lily Steel; and it would be, if she hadn’t woken, handcuffed in a closet and her evidence missing.

Jack Reardon has kept the secret of his Phoenix heritage a secret for centuries. He has come to Oregon to arrange a meeting to stop a war that has raged between his Tribe and the Basilisk for centuries. Lily was not part of his plan, but she just may be the key to making his dream of peace a reality, if he can keep her alive long enough to figure out who wants them dead.

Feeling two steps behind every step of the way, Lily and Jack form a tentative arrangement as they uncover the secret of Lily’s past, the key to Jack’s future and a love that might destroy any chance for bringing his people peace.

Phoenix Rising is a 96,000 word Paranormal Romance.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tina Hamilton



Thank you for your time.


Tina Hamilton


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Gearing up to get and Agent!

This is my first year. Let’s see how it goes. Hope everyone has a great time!


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