Query #4

So I entered the Suzie Townsend challenge “I can handle the truth”. She offered to respond to every query with why she was passing. Pretty much she said, not a bad query, just not a project for her. Yay! Thinking I will stick a bit with this query.


Dear Amazing Agent of My Dreams,

Finding Hollywoods sexiest man alive, Jack Reardon, stepping naked from a ring of flames in the middle of the woods might sound like the story of a life time for small town reporter Lily Steel; and it would be, if she hadn’t woken, handcuffed in a closet and her evidence missing.

Jack Reardon has kept the secret of his Phoenix heritage a secret for centuries. He has come to Oregon to arrange a meeting to stop a war that has raged between his Tribe and the Basilisk for centuries. Lily was not part of his plan, but she just may be the key to making his dream of peace a reality, if he can keep her alive long enough to figure out who wants them dead.

Feeling two steps behind every step of the way, Lily and Jack form a tentative arrangement as they uncover the secret of Lily’s past, the key to Jack’s future and a love that might destroy any chance for bringing his people peace.

Phoenix Rising is a 96,000 word Paranormal Romance.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tina Hamilton



Thank you for your time.


Tina Hamilton


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Gearing up to get and Agent!

This is my first year. Let’s see how it goes. Hope everyone has a great time!


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Query Letter Part 3

So here we go…round 3 on the query letter go round and round and round….

Thanks to the wonderful people who have helped me get it this far and hopefully I can tighten it up some more. We shall see.

Dear Amazing Person with the Fate of my Book in your Clever Hands


Jack Reardon a member of an ancient race able to control fire he is caught in the center of warring tribes. In a tiny town in Oregon, he hopes to find the path to peace, only it arrives in a way he never expects.

Lily’s Steel choice to follow Jack Reardon into the Oregon woods, witnessing his transformation in a ring of fire, changes her life. She has a prophetic dream of his future. One in which she gives her life to save his and bring him closer to the peace he needs to save his race.

The discovery of a group of humans, kidnapping and murdering Phoenix and making it appear to be acts of the Phoenix enemy the Basilisk propels Jack and Lilly into a race to find the location where the testing is taking place. The journey to save his people, brings them closer to making Lily’s prophecy come true. When they make their final stand, Jack must convince Lily he can change her fate without the lives of his tribe being the price he pays for saving her.

Phoenix Rising is a 98,000 word paranormal romance, the first in a series.

Thank you for your time.


Me, Struggling Writer with Chocolate Habit that must be Fed.

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My Query Part 1

I wonder how many parts there are going to be. I am always open to advice and feedback so if you see something that doesn’t work or that you like, don’t hesitate to say so.


Dear Wonderful Being Who Knows Many Editors Eager For a Good Read

I am seeking representation for my novel Phoenix Rising, a 96,000 word paranormal romance.

Lily Steel is a small town reporter on the story of the century; what is Hollywood’s hottest man alive, Jack Reardon, doing in the middle of the Oregon woods. Why is he able to step into a ring of flames and come out unscathed?

Jack is a member of a race called the Phoenix, born 400yrs ago, in the middle of a violent war between the Phoenix and Basilisk. He has come to tiny Brookstone, Oregon to set up a meeting with Basilisk leader Gerard Adams and start peace negotiations, not realizing the peace he seeks is following him.

Someone has a learned a secret about Lily Steel, she is a descendant of a group of psychic human woman, called the Council and the key to bringing peace to the Phoenix and Basilisk. Jack Reardon is determined to discover the mystery behind who brought Lily to his attention and to fight the attraction flashing between then. Lily puts her faith in Jack, and finds herself caught up in a world of mythical men and secret societies who all want her. Fighting to stop a prophetic vision, where she sees her own death, Lily joins forces with Jack and Gerard to learn her destiny.

I am a member of RWA and the FF&P Chapter of RWA.  Phoenix Rising is the first in a series of books following the Phoenix and Basilisk as they search for peace.


Me, Author Wanting to See Her Name On the Cover of a Sparkly New Book in a Store and the Hands of Readers.


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Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

There are some really simple tips that can maximize your query’s impact. Once you’ve got the basics–word count, genre, hook, mini synopsis (with a hint of intrigue), and your delightful author bio–what can you do to rise above the crowd?

  1. Personalize your email and know something about the agent you’re querying. Include a personal salutation. Have you read one of their client’s books? How did you find them? Do you follow their blog or like something they tweeted?
  2. Research and be selective in your querying to agents. Only query agents who represent work in your genre. It’s a waste of everyone’s time for you to submit too broadly. Agents know when you’re grasping at straws.
  3. Keep your query to ONE email screen. We might not want to scroll to learn more if you haven’t hooked us from the start. One email page means we can scan and find everything we…

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Agent Query Connect Website

Finished novel. Yes.

Researched how to write a query letter. Done.

Wrote Query Letter (and rewrote and rewrote) Been there. Sent to Agent of my dreams and received a form letter response. (Dear Author, some intern has decided that your work does not meet the specific criteria we are seeking. This is a subjective business….bottom line. We are not interested. )

Sent to Agent suggested by friend. Dear Tina…your project is not what I am seeking. (Smiling from ear to ear at an actual response from someone who read my query.)

Now what? Putting on the big girl granny panties and reworking my letter again. I found a great website, not really romance related and iffy on being romance friendly, called and signed up for some free peer to peer critique. I have only been on the site a couple of days, but it has been a great resource. Lots of actual samples, from real authors, and if you are like me, you can do some searching to find where their query started and then see the finished, polished work that landed them an agent.

I am taking the information I learned, the helpful feedback and working up a new letter. For me, one of the hardest things to determine is whether it is my story that turns and agent off or is it the level of writing on the query. Do they just not get it? Beta readers love it, total strangers ask to read more, but Agents pass. I may be worrying too soon, after all, four rejections is not all that many when I have talked to people who get that many every day.


We shall see. But for now, if you are where I am at, I would suggest checking this site out. And if your there, look me up and say hi.

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Happy Place

Happy Place

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