Meet the Phoenix, Basilisk and the Council

The Phoenix, a tribe of knowledge gatherers and healers. Able to control fire, to walk as spirits and gifted with keen minds the Phoenix are the teachers of the world and the librarians of our history.


The Basilisk, a tribe of warriors and strategists. The Basilisk are able to read the minds of humans, and are gifted with amazing skills in combat, both physically and mentally. Throughout history they have guided the outcomes of human wars, making sure the right side wins.


The Council- Long thought to have been destroyed, the Council was a group of gifted human women. Each woman possessed a psychic gift that made them the peace keepers between the two Tribes. Empaths, Telepaths, Peacekeepers and Healers the Council worked with the tribes, creating and imposing laws that kept the peace.


The War – Novice Councilor Isadola was sent on a journey to assist the Basilisk in a war raging between the Inca and the Myan.  When she is called to aid a wounded Basilisk warrior named Ibraham, she is forgotten and left to nurse him on her own. As his strength grows, so does the attraction between the two until they can not fight the passion and consummate the first mating.  Isadola removes herself from the Council, no longer able to remain an unbiased. She gives birth to the first child possessing the powers of both her Council mother and her Basilisk father, Hecta. Hecta grows into the most powerful woman on the Council, and seeing the power she wields, the Phoenix and Basilisk begin to covet Council mates, taking some by force, and mating with others. In a short time, the Council begins to become tainted, no longer unbiased, the women side with their heritage over the laws. Phoenix begin to be left unprotected, open to attack by human hunters. Basilisk are sent on missions without the proper knowledge, dying in large numbers. Turning on each other with one to guide them, the tribes blame each other for the deaths and war rages. Using human wars to mask their battles, the tribes have raged against one another since the burning of the Library in Alexandria. Absorbing the Council into their tribes, the Council fades, becoming nothing more than myth and legend. History turns them into saviors, symbols of a time when peace ruled.



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